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The x-y Power

Posted: March 27, 2012 in The x-y Power

The ALL-NEW version of the x-y Power is now available!

The x-y Power is controlled from a handheld remote or from the computer, and allows accurate and repeatable positioning of the art from behind the camera or at the workstation.  Featuring a robust ball-screw drive system with full linear bearings for vertical rise, and a tracked drive for horizontal movement, it can handle artwork up to 60″ high, with the width only limited by the expandable track. The drive is powered by a cordless, rechargeable power supply.

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The x-y Power with the cordless hand-held interface is $2200 (plus shipping).

Add $200 for the x-y Easel Control, a simple, easy to operate, user-configurable wireless computer control (Windows only).

Contact us here for information on configuration and availability.  (Normal delivery time is 4-6  weeks.)